Functions and graphics quit working

I am using my X Carve for 3D carving long programs. I am using CNCJ;s as my application to the post processor. Recently I started having problems with the pause which is very important on long runs. In addition I have noticed that the graphics that shows you the router placement in the project has quit moving as well. Also when I slow down the feed it continues to show 100% even though it does slow down the machine. I can not determine weather it is the X Carve processor or CNCj’s program. I deleted and reloaded CNCJ’s and it seemed to work for a while and then right back to the pause not working again. Has anyone ever experienced this problem as I have had it for quite a while. I even had my computer completely reconfigured to Windows 10 and all cleaned up so it would run better.

I have the same issue with the live graphic but learned to just roll with it.
At the upper right you can click on view then click on reload to restore the live graphic.
It seems to have no effect on the carving. However when the carve is done you have to reload the view to make use of the macros.
I have never noticed any trouble with the pause and resume functions on the front of the X controller.

Thank you so much, at least I know I am not crazy and the only one with this problem.


It is not consistent, some days it will do it on every carve and some days it won’t do it at all.
It can be bit of an inconvenience but it does not have all the redundant safety protocols that Easel has in place.