Fusion 360 2.5D questions

I am so sorry if this has been answered before. If so, please direct me to the correct discussion. I have looked and didn’t find a discussion that addressed my questions/issues.

Have a file in Fusion 360. It is essentially a 2.5D cut out for a simple side panel for a box with finger joints. I know, Easel has a built in finger joint but I really don’t like it. Boards are cut to width and all I need is to move to a location and cut the finger joints. I also have other 2D parts I would like to cut with holes, etc. I can’t figure out how to get out of fusion and into the xcarve. I have no problems bypassing easel if needed.

How do I get a file OUT of F360 to the xcarve where all I want to do is cut like this?

Also, good tutorials, readings, directions for using fusion. I keep running into road blocks where someone posts part of the process and then says, “well the next step is for another day” It seems way harder than it should be.

Thanks for any help.


Have you created the CAM in Fusion 360?

You will need to do that to create toolpaths and then export GCode.

1 - You need the correct Post Processor (PP) for Easel (Open Easel, choose Help - Downloads)
2 - This PP need to be made available for Fusion360, google “Add Easel driver Fusion360”
3 - When you export the file from Fusion360 you need to select the right PP (Easel.cps)

Fusion360 have a learning curve so be patient, when you get the hang of it it is very powerful :slight_smile: