Fusion 360 $25 a year Prime Day

Amazon prime day is offering Fusion 360 for $25 for a 12 month subscription today

That is confusing, It looks to me like its 25 a month?

it’s not. it is $25 for 12 months. when i checkout it said “you will be billed $25 every 12 months.” i guess we will find out in a year if it true or not

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Subscription Price $25.00
Licenses x 1
Total Amount (billed per 12 months) $25.00 + applicable tax

this is what my amazon billing detail shows

well I might have to jump on that

ok, I’m confused, I thought Fusion 360 was free to hobbyists… am I confusing products?


Should be, to hobbyists and startups / small businesses that make less than $100K.

That’s exactly what I was thinking…
Don’t see any features that we “hobbyists” don’t have access to by spending the $$.


If I’m making $100,000 per year with my XCarve, well, I don’t have that problem yet, but when I do I’m ok paying $25… :smile:

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I guess i wasn’t aware that it was free to hobbyist. Oh well, not a big deal.

I got an email from the fusion 360 people telling me my 12 month free subscription was expiring and I’d soon have to pay the $25 per year subscription. As I’m using V Carve pro for 99% of what I do, I’ve simply deleted it.

I think what @DavidWestley is saying is that he got the free version, and has had it for nearly a year, and now they’re going to squeeze him for the $25… sounds like the “free” is only for the first year?

I renewed mine for free. They were even polite enough to send me a reminder with instructions!

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There is fusion 360 and fusion 360 ultimate that is the that is what the ult stands for

yes, even after your year “trial” you simply hit renew as a hobbyist and it remains free.

Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if they start charging in the future, but it sure is great software to use for free as of now. It is not limited to 1 year.

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