Fusion 360 cam problem

Alright So I created this box in fusion and then nested it all flat and I have been working on the tool paths to cut it out

and I get to the last operation the 2d contour and it will not select the entire loop around most of the pieces it will only select the entire loop on 4 pieces?

I am not sure what is happening getting pretty frustrated lol

Could someone please help me I have attached the files thanks

Jordan Box new nested v10.iges (2.3 MB)
Jordan Box new nested v10.f3d (5.1 MB)

change the direction of the arrow

Yeah no that wasn’t the problem

I found the problem was that I needed to click on a section and then turn it red then click on closed loop and select the entire loop

There was a problem in the way that the part was modeled as to why it would not let me select the entire loop

thanks for you help though