Fusion 360 Distance Measurement in G-Code

Hello all,
I am running into an issue with Fusion 360 when I export G-Code to Easel and start the X-carve to cut I find the distance measurement from the edge of the material to the start to cut point is different from the distance measurement in my design in Fusion 360 for example in Fusion 360 my design measurement in X-axis from the edge to the cutting point is 21.75mm and in the Y-axis from the edge to the cutting point is 9.5 but in the cutting piece the measurement is different.
I use Easel instead of Fusion 360 and the distance measurement is perfect
Can anyone tell me why this is happing?

Thank You All

You have a difference in where you are setting your zero on your actual workpiece and where you set your WCS origin in Fusion.


Thank You