Fusion 360 Help!

Hey guys could someone please help me with this fusion 360 project I will attach the file

Something is wrong with my origin I believe and when I go into cam its all screwed up

Also when I just try to export the sketch or save as dxf and then open in a new design its really screwed up

could someone please help me with this and let me know what i am doing wrong


also if you you want me to share my project in the fusion cloud please let me know

Vacuum table v1.iges (1.9 MB)

Llook at that mess lol 2d adaptive clearing is going to take forever!! why do the tool paths get created this way isnt there a better way to do this?

The first thing I’d do is change your default orientation to up. Go to your account in the upper right, click on it, then preferences, general, then Default Modeling Orientation to Z up.

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Not sure what, but there’s something different about the pegs in the front than the ones in the back.


So I figured out what my problem was with the tool paths Apparently I needed to join all of those pegs to the main body once i did that it fixed it

I was just hoping that there was a better way to mill that pocket out I am using a 3d adaptive clearing operation is there anything else that would work better?

and I will try out the defualt orientation you suggested it just messes everything up I have a hard time finding out what plane i should be on so I spend hours on a sketch and then stop sketch and everything is screwed up it really sucks because I dont know how to fix it after that happens do you know how?

also here is how i am attacking this piece let me see if this sounds right to you

  1. 3d Adaptive pocket clearing of center pocket with the dowels
  2. 2d pocket for dlearing out the outside holes of the model
  3. Spot Drilling of the outer most holes in the model
  4. Spot drilling inner holes on top of the model
  5. Peck drilling of outer most holes on model
  6. Peck drilling inner holes on the top of the model
  7. 2d Contour of the outside part shape

do those steps sound right? this is the most machining that i have done on a single piece so far also how do I add a tool change in the middle of some of these operations? or does fusion automatically make it go back to zero and wait for you to tool change?

Unless there’s a particular reason for the pegs to be round, making them square should save you a lot of machine time. The machine should be able to move faster along just one axis, and the path around square pegs should be a much easier for Fusion to optimize. I don’t think making them square will affect the suction at all.

Edit: Alternatively, the other way of flipping this on its head is to use the xcarve to drill holes and glue dowels in for the supports. Make the bottom out of a thinner material, put sides on it, and skip the clearing step entirely. Clearing such a large area is going to be time consuming no matter what…

I wouldn’t be tempted to drill holes and glue pegs because then you’d have to ensure that all the pegs were at exactly the same height or you could end up with air leaks or uneven support.

I agree with you. I think that would be a whole lot of added work I think when I get this down all I have to do is hit go and then wait for it to finish

hey steve did i share that project correctly with you?

its not to bad on the machineing time its sitting at 3 hrs right now but i still need to add some operations in

  • Flip the entire thing upside down and lay it on a flat surface
  • Insert and glue dowels, pressing them in until they bottom out against the flat surface.
  • Let glue dry.
  • Sand dowels flat against the bottom.
  • Flip upright again.

It shouldn’t be terribly difficult to get them all flat, at least within a tolerance that most of us would be happy with (considering most of us are using just plain MDF for our wasteboards.)

Depends on your intent. I think by doing it through A360 I was able to figure out how to open it in Fusion 360, but if I saved any changes it looks like they would be in my own private copy of the project and you wouldn’t see the changes unless I shared it back with you, then it would be a new project for you. The other way would be to share it directly in Fusion so we’d be collaborators on the project and could continue to make changes back and forth and the other would see the changes. Not sure if that share needs to be at the project folder level or whether it works at the design level. I’ve got a friend I shared a project with and we can collaborate on designs in there.

So I can see your design

I don’t think drilling the holes would be faster - the bit would still have to spend time clearing out the material where the posts are and then drill the holes, then you’d have to spend time cutting the pieces and putting them in.

For orientation when drawing, see the 3D cube in top-right corner. If Front is towards you, this will be the best orientation for 3D milling.
If for any reason you have got it in the wront plane, you can also modify the CAM plane. You do this by going into setup in CAM space. There you can modify the axes and the origin (0-point) for the CAM.

Checked your design, and i think the fastest will be to use 2D Pocket Clearing. This came out at 3 hours with a 3mm bit. Adaptive Clearing came out at 6 hours…
Have not used Fusion 360 for that long, so there may also be other better ways to do it.

Hmm… I wonder if I could make a nail with X-Carve?!

I guess it would be a two sided part… it does have nice radial symmetry… probably have to make it in aluminum, steel would be too hard to mill…

I could find only a bent nail on GrabCAD, but I suppose it could be straightened post fabrication, with a hammer.

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I am going to need 3 of those asap

hmmmmm…3 nails please!! I went hammer time along time ago

Hi All,

I am struggling with getting the Easel post processor to work in Fusion 360. When I have designed everything and generated the tool paths in Fusion it all seams fine, but when I try and post process I get an error. Any advice for a seriously new designer…


I’m not sure why you say ‘the easel post processor’, aren’t you using the post processor that comes with Fusion 360? It’s called ‘generic grbl’.

Anyway, I think the error you are getting is because you changed the tool orientation in cutting operation (was the tool coming in from the front instead of the top?), the way to do it is to change the co-ordinate system in the SETUP, not the cutting operation. The setup should be just above the cutting operation in the list on the left. When you open up the setup options you’ll see one for WCS and from there you can set the orientation of the axis.

You can also set an option on your account to make z be up, or something like that, I can look it up if you need it.

Yeah, use the “generic grbl” post processor. Work great. Disable the G28 option unless you have it set up properly before exporting your gcode file.

Excellent. Thanks for the advice, just tried it now and worked first time. I was only trying to use the Easel post processor because that’s what it said when i tried to import into Easel, it said i must install that. I have reverted back to the generic. Appreciate the reply