Fusion 360>inkscape>easel issues

i have been trying to nail down an accurate Tele neck pocket drawing for a week.

easel can’t do it, and inkscape is still a work in progress… but, i was able to draw it in 360.

i drew it out exactly the way i wanted it, and exported it as a dxf.

opened in Inkscape and converted it to an SVG…

Imports just fine, but only allows the cut to be on-path.

went back into inkscape, tried every combination of “combine, object to path, group” i could find, resaving and attempting to import into easel each time.

i am flabbergasted.

can someone take a look at this and tell me what I’m doing wrong?

if i can figure this one out, i’ll try a strat pocket next

telepocket.dxf (3.4 KB)

Right now I dont have the time to produce a workflow for you, and Inkscape is not a program I know - but I am curious why you want to go via Inkscape when F360 CAM can produce gcode for Xcarve without issues? :slight_smile:

it’s because i want to be able to combine it with other elements in Easel.

for example, the neck pocket, pickup routes etc, all in one file or set of workpieces

You should be able to do that in Fusion. I have an entire thinline in fusion… Neck pocket/pickup pockets/body pockets/multiple binding routes/ etc. All in one file.

I hope to get there. I have done the same and saved in Easel, minus the stupid neck pocket that continues to evade me

Has anyone had a chance to take a look at this?

im new to all this …i was wondering if you had he file made open i wih snapcnc

I give up. i guess this is a route I will just keep doing by hand. I don’t see what I am doing wrong, but Easel HATES IT

Have you tried using Fusion 360 to export to Gcode? and run it with Universal G code Sender?

I drew the shape in 360, so that i could nail down the symmetry, dimensions etc. but i tried every conceivable way of making it a loop. select all>join nodes, combine, group et. in inkscape

Thank you, Phil. seriously

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i will… post-haste

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