Fusion 360 layers

I’m attempting my first go at Fusion 360 for a new project. What I’m looking to cut will is a monitor stand and have to be done in pieces then glued. Does anyone know how to slice into pieces with fusion?

I think I understand what you are thinking of doing. I’m not sure if Fusion has an easy way to do this, but you can get AutoDesk 123Make for free and load in a solid model then slice it into sections. It’s a pretty neat program, you can create interlocking slices or just stacked slices then export is in a couple different file formats.

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Hi Andrew, have you tried the Split Body command in the Modify menu in the Model workspace?

You should be able to split any body along any surface, including a plane. Won’t be as easy or fast as 123Make, but you won’t have to export/import files.

Thank Rusty! Worked perfectly!

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Thanks Mathieu! I’ll try that too!