Fusion 360 locking up

For those of you who use Fusion 360, how do you like it?

I can’t keep it from giving me the pinwheel of death and locking up. I’m really starting to Hate Fusion. I have been trying to design a simple grid for a vacuum table that is 5’ x 5’. 3hours later all I need to do is mirror half the table. I have been waiting and working on this simple task for well over an hour, just to mirror. Starting to get ridiculous.

Anyone else have troubles with Fusion locking up on you?

You need to make sure Fusion 360 is online. It could also be that its trying to update in the background. Ive been using fusion for 3 years now.

Check and Check

Been having constant issues with it locking up.

I have had to restart and Recover 3 times now. It’s been saying Updating Graphics for about 10 minutes now. It shows exactly what I want now, but I need to Stop Sketch now. However it won’t budge.

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Would you like to share the file with me?

Was finally able to finish it just now.

Instead of trying to mirror the grid, I just exited the sketch with only half the grid. Extruded the 1/2 grid down 5mm, cut the board in half (deleting the blank half) and mirrored the entire component with the grid and then joined the two halves to make one board. Took all of 30 seconds. Trying to mirror the grid before extruding the cut just wasted over 2 hours of time with the pinwheel of death.