Fusion 360 machining time estimates - I think the travel time needs configuring

I’ve been noticing that the machining time estimate in Fusion 360 seems to be way off in some cases. I had a theory that Fusion wasn’t estimating the speed of the travel moves correctly. I’ve got convincing evidence for this because I’ve got a finishing pass carve which is one parallel finishing operation which has almost no travel moves and it seems pretty dead on with the estimated time.

Does anyone have better settings to configure into Fusion 360 for the travel speeds?

I don’t know if there are user-settings that affect the Machining Time.
To me it seems Fusion360 takes the distance travelled of each move at feed speed (G1, G2, G3) and divides that by the feedrate of that segment. That will calculate the time for that move. Finally it makes the sum over all moves.

Fusion360 does not include the moves at rapid speed (G0), because it does not know the rapid speed of your machine…
Usually the time spent in G0 is small compared to G1,G2, G3, but in some cases it could be significant.