Fusion 360 post processer No allowance for tool change?

can’t seem to get the g code to allow a tool change. I have an autodesk expert looking at it. How are people changing tools in base relief carves?

grbl does not support tool changes. it ignores T? commands and returns an error for M6 commands.

I think tool changes are usually done using separate toolpath files.

One normally split the carve into one carve for each tool, then manually switch tool / carve 2nd/3rd etc stage.
Z is rezeroed off a known Z-point, either manually or by using the probe function.

GRBL dont support tool length/change.

Just found out. ease- 360 g code does not allow a tool change. Only 1 tool can be used.So much for 3d caeves.

support>home>easel guides>easel g code specs.

If a seperate carve does the 2nd tool know what
that the first tool has removed. Do i need to tell it a new stock thickness etc.

I have done several multi-tool carves (single and double sided) without any issues (other that user issues :wink: )
My main 3D programming tool is Fusion360 and I output via F360 CAM-module.

It is within the CAM module the tool paths are generated, what stock is removed with first tool, 2nd tool etc.
The only axis that need re-zeroing between carves is Z so you need to have something in place to cater that. Homing the machine is one way, another is a touch plate.

The Xcarve only does what it is told. CAM is where the decision is made.

I understand that but I have used the easel /fusion360 g code and the machine does not stop for tool change. I was told on the easel site that its g code inport program will not allow tool change. Grbl.

Yes, which is why you need to break up the tool path in F360 CAM into individual (per stage) segments.
So one gcode-file may contain a facing operation, pockets etc with one tool, then a 2nd cgode file is generated for the next tool etc. In Easel you need to individually import each gcode and view them as stand-alone, but in sum they complete yuor project.

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When you click the “post” button, only select the consecutive operations for a single tool in the CAM project tree - if you have the setup selected, it will generate the code for ALL of the operations in that setup.

Hi all,
It’s been awhile and Easel is constantly updated…I’m wondering if this is still the case: That you must export separate sets of G-code into Easel in order to perform tool changes.
Does anyone have a work around? It seems like if one knew what G-code to input, they could tell the machine to pause at some point during the process.