Fusion 360 Problem

I have been playing with Fusion 360 to generate tool paths and have been experimenting with some simple 3D adaptive clearing paths… I export the g code and then send via UGS. The path looks good in Fusion 360 but when I send via UGS, it cuts the right shape but it thinks that it is off of the actual stock by about 1 inch. In other words, it air cuts on the x and y edges furthest away from the bottom left corner where I always start. When I “visualize” in UGS, it always looks as if the origin is further away than it actually is. Any ideas?

Also, under the Setup tab (right-click -> Edit -> Stock) you can select stock size + margin which usually is 1mm above stock. This means it will start 1mm above stock if its 100% true and flat.
However this does not account for the 1" air carve you are experiencing, sounds like you have a work zero issue to deal with.

Under Setup / Stock you define start point (where you place the X/Y/Z axis, this is work zero)
Provided you zero off at that point the carve should work as expected. Please post screen shots of your Setup Stock properties :slight_smile: