Fusion 360 Retract Height?

Hi everyone! I tried a search but didn’t turn anything up but I apologize if I double posted.

I’ve been messing around with Fusion 360 and I’ve got it doing to simple things that I want. One thing bugging me, though, is how it raises the end mill to above the stock each time it completes a pass of a 2D Contour (Multiple Depth) cut. Is there a way to get it to act like Easel where the bit is lowered after each pass without being raised to the full retract height each time? Of course, I want it to raise fully when moving to a new path.

Thanks and I hope that makes sense!



Could you post a screen shot of your design and CAM setups?
Not all cutting modes (2D/3D strategy options) behave the same way. (Each option tailor a specific result)

I would think so to. But I also think there are certain carving profiles that does not allow this - but I could be wrong also!

Thanks for the replies. Based on what you said, I found a check box for Keep Tool Down but haven’t played with it yet. Here are the pics of both the model and the settings. Other than the original question, if you see anything wonky I’m happy to hear your suggestions. I really don’t know what most of these options mean at this point. I’ve got experience with really basic 3D modelling for 3D printing, not CNC.