Fusion 360 to Easel Dimensional change

Hi folks, I am new to cnc and got my hands on a shapeoko 2 a couple of weeks ago. I started using easel and got good dimensional accuracy. I then started to work on more complex parts in fusion and quickly found that the dimensions I was getting off of the cuts were fairly far out of dimension so I created a test piece that is a 1 cm cube cut into some wood. These are the dimensions I ended up getting 9.74 mm across x, 9.47 mm across y and 10.83 mm deep. Meanwhile I created the same 1 cm cube on easel and got the following dimensions 10.02 mm across x, 10.05 mm across y and a depth of 9.96 mm. I have disabled leave stock and have turned sideways compensation to conventional. Ive also made sure I am using a 1/8th inch flat end-mill. Attached is the G-code and the fusion 360 file. Please give me your incites and any recommendations are greatly appreciated!

Test piece v1.f3d (139.6 KB) Test4.nc (34.8 KB)

File and gcode look good. You’re climb milling (typically recommended, but I see you said conventional).
Can you share your Easel gcode?
How do your feeds compare to Easel?

My feed are similar to what is in easel. the depth of cut is higher in fusion however. Here is a link to the easel document Test Piece . I’m not quite sure how to export gcode from easel.

Any one know how to make the x and y axis in the middle of the part instead of the corner of the part?

make home position in the middle of the part. ( you want to start carving in the middle of the part ?
or what you try to do , ?

In fusion 360 or in easel? @DannySanchez

Greater depth could will put more force on the cutter, but in Fusion you’re running a full depth finish pass. That wouldn’t be an issue. Have you calibrated your steps/mm? Are you making a part that small? I’d calibrate your steps/mm for the size part you’re going for.
If I get a chance, I’ll run your files and see what I get. My first thought is that Easel is overcutting and your steps/mm are set to match. The small finish pass in Fusion should give you pretty accurate results.

Yes to both, I am making a stand for a acrylic sign with embedded LED’s and have also calibrated the machine twice using 20mm increments. I will try and calibrate it again at 10mm increments and will set the depth of cut lower. Thanks for your input and let me know how your machine does.