Fusion 360, v carve desk top, or inkscape

If there were choices to make which would some of you choose? What are some of the driving factors that would drive the decisions of how and why you made your choices to the above, is it monetary, ease of use? I am hoping that this will be informative discussion. I have been using Easel, and sending some files to Openbuilds to run but want to also look at other alternatives! and I am sure that there a lot of opinions on this subject.
Thanks in advance to all that participate!

Inkscape (Free) is great for .graphic design with no $ to pay for a different software. . . but it’s gcode creation functionality is poor (to say it nicely)

Fusion360 (free hobbyist or Educational license) is a great software for Mechanical Engineering type of design, if you’re not this type of thinker than it’ll be tough to grasp. Even with an ME mindset there’s still a steep learning curve.

Vcarve Desktop ($349 OR $314 from the onefinity website btw.: https://www.onefinitycnc.com/product-page/v-carve-desktop ) is more aimed towards artistic designs than mechanical engineering and is suited well for hobbyist cnc users. I dislike the issues with Vector Intersections and Vector Overlaps that Easel doesn’t throw errors up for…

Check out Carveco Maker ($15/month) as well. . . I have Carveco Maker, it’s comparable to Vcarve Pro (the founders used to work together at a different company b4 each making their own software separately, so they bear some close resemblances in certain areas) I use if for 3d reliefs mostly. It has the same issues as Vetric in that it will throw errors for vector intersections and overlaps that Easel just ignores…

Easel is still the easiest there is to do 2.5D flat layered stuff so I still maintain an Easel Pro Subscription even though I have Carveco and use Easel more than the others.

Just My opinions and I’m sure other ppls will differ :slight_smile:

VCarve Desktop will not create designs larger than 2 foot by 2 foot. you have to move up a level to make larger projects. I use VCarve Desktop because my machine is small.

VCarve will create tool paths for 3D shapes when you import 3D .STL files. However, VCarve cannot design 3D shapes. For that you would need something like Vectric Aspire. Because I do a lot of models for 3D printers, I use other software to create my .STL files and I don’t bother with Aspire.

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I use fusion 360. I taught myself with lots of youtube videos and asking google/the fusion 360 help forum. They offer a free educational license for a few years. its also on sale right now for 25% off. I took the leap and paid for it because this is all I know want to continue to use this software. Like Seth said it may not be for everyone but for me it works perfect.

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Thanks to those that answered it brought out more info and other options to look at before making a decision on what to use going forward!

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