Fusion 360 vs Aspire

I have V-Carve Pro, and it works great when I have an 3D object file ready to go. But I want to create my own 3D objects from images I have.

I installed Fusion 360 on my computer and my objective for this month is to learn all the ins and outs. However, the wife and I have been debating on whether to spend the $1300 to upgrade to Aspire.

Can I do in 360 what I can do in Aspire or do I need to upgrade to Aspire?

Aspire’s advantage is its ease of use. Its simple, does one thing and does it pretty well. Fusion 360 works in our hobbyist genre but its not as intuitive or easy. If you dont have the money but you do have the time, Fusion 360 will work fine.

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Could you please explain?

I use Aspire and recommend it to anyone with the cash and desire.