Fusion 360 X-Carve Pro Machine Setup

It would be nice if we had a resource that told us all the milling specs about the X-Carve Pro. I’d like to be able to answer all the questions I’m faced with when setting up CAM in Fusion 360. Can we get an official machine setup for Fusion? That would be a good start. Also, what about rapid movement? I’m new to everything CNC and Fusion, and I’m having to guess on a lot of data. Scary.

The machine setup isn’t necessary and, unless you run multiple different machines, I don’t see the value for most users.

What about it? If you’re using the free version of Fusion, there won’t be rapids in the gcode.

I don’t have an X-carve, but I can help with just about anything non-feedrate related with Fusion.

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I’m just not sure what the X-Carve is capable of. I wish we had a page on the site that spelled it all out.
It’s nice to know I don’t need a machine configuration in Fusion.

It’s a relatively new feature. I think it might be helpful for complex fixturing in the big machines, but it seems like there’s not much value for the hobby machines.

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the only reason I setup a custom machine in F360 is to disable coolant and the tool change line of gcode that can mess with certain senders… Other than that feature, AND if you enter your machine work area it’ll at least warn you when your toolpath is going to exceed the selected machine limits… other than these reasons, I’d agree that it doesn’t serve much of any other purpose :slight_smile:

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I did waste my time once because of the features when they were added, but I haven’t looked at it since.



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