Fusion to Easel

I have used Fusion many times but on a recent project when I go to run it after it is imported into easel it stops running the code. I have tried reinporting it several times and it stops in the exact same place every time. Suggestions?

how many lines of gcode. i believe easel has a limit.

It can’t be to many it is just a triangle through a 1/4” board.

Are you receiving any errors?
Can you share the project or gcode?

30 wedge2.nc (7.4 KB)

What post processor are you using? How far does it get in the cut? Did you modify the gcode after Fusion generated it?
Several places in the gcode, you have defined a feedrate of zero. I think that would cause an “undefined feedrate”. You can’t have a feedrate of zero. If you didn’t modify the gcode yourself. There is something wrong with the post processor or your Fusion 360 CAM settings (you would’ve had to ignore several warnings in this case).

Remove the T1M6 G-code line grbl does not support tool change operations.

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@LarryM The F360 Easel post processor includes the tool change line. It only allows for one tool, though.
I’m not sure how it’s handled by the gcode streaming part of Easel.

It’s not an Easel issue. Grbl will return an error when it sees the M6 command and stop.

True, but not if it’s never sent. The sender can “intercept” the command…Easel must do that.

I don’t think Easel does that. But since I don’t use Easel, I can’t test it.

I have not tested either, but unless there’s something wrong with the current f360-Easel post processor, it does. (The Inventables post processor writes the M6)
It seems like it will ignore actual changes in tools, though. The post processor will only write one M6 even if there are multiple tools.

I don’t either, but I’m looking at the f360-Easel post processor and looking at some of the gcode it generates.

They seem to have gone through some trouble to keep it (or add it) there. Would’ve been much easier to just omit the M6 in the post. Maybe a future improvement? (tool changes)

I thought I remembered working on this. Fusion 360 PP.


That’s weird. Try this.


Same thing…
Can’t even find that topic in a search. Must not have a high enough rank around here.

You have the same trust level that I do.

Try this:

I just commented out this line:
// writeBlock(“T” + toolFormat.format(tool.number), mFormat.format(6));


I know what happened. That thead is in a PM.

I have a couple of modified post processors I use, one with tool changes and one without.
I’m just now curious why inventables, assuming that’s the source, went through the trouble of leaving the M6 in there. It’s easy to just remove it, but they’re going out of their way to keep it there.
I’m done for the day, but I’ll try to run a job with Easel soon.

So I went back into Fusion and I do have an error that my feed rate for final pass is higher than my cut feed rate. I don’t have it in front of me but that is in general the error. 1) how do I fix it? 2) could that be causing the issue?

The problem is that your feedrate is zero.
Can you share the fusion file?