Fusion tool paths for a toy wheel

im pretty new to this and still learning. im slowly figuring out fusion 360 and its fun designing things. My brother made a toy wheel for a truck he wants to make but i cant seem to figure out the correct tool paths for the face of the wheel. Mainly the contoured design. i got the holes figured out. just seeing if anyone has any suggestions.

Harvey tool sells corner rounding end mills. This would be the easiest toolpath to produce. Another option is to use a ball nose end mill and “stitch” the radius. I can’t speak to how easy Fusion handles that as I’m a mastercam user.

i have the ball end mills and figured thats what i would need, but i cant quite figure out the best tool path in fusion to actually use

I’ve only picked up the 30 day trial of Fusion and gone through some of their basic tutorials so I’m unfamiliar with their choices of toolpaths. In Mastercam I would probably start with a contour surface toolpath and just pick the radius to cut. Adjust the cusp height to an acceptable amount and go.

If you dont mind can you upload the link for the file?

That’s a great write up Phil. I’m thinking about the Fusion 360 but right now I have access to a seat of Mastercam Mill that I’m very proficient at (I program airplane parts for work with it) so that makes it really hard to look at anything else. If my access dries up I’ll have to consider that.

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if i knew how, i would

awesome. i ll have to play with it to see what i can do

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see if this worksWheel 1.0 v2.f3d (89.8 KB)

Never mind I think PhilJohnson pretty much has it covered. :smiley:

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I watched this video on how to use the CAM module in Fusion. It worked pretty well, although there is no 3D stuff in it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgR147SXP-w I’ll take a look at your wheel later and will see if I can figure something out. Is it going to be in wood?


I think you need to use the 3D operations that are talked about in this Pinewood Derby video. All done with a ballnose endmill I believe.