Fusion360 G-Code to Easel - Model not centered anymore in Easel and cuts off center

Ok. New to CNC but have a background in 3d and am relearning fusion 360 please bare with me here.
So I create my model in Fusion 360. Move into CAM (Manufacture) and create my setup and my tool paths as I have learned from watching videos and reading yet when I import any of my G-code into Easel Pro to begin my carving the items are always off center and up and to the right.

I have included photos below showing my setup screens etc. in Fusion 360 as well as Easel Pro -

Getting these Warnings next to the NC Programs ribbons, not sure if it has to do with it, but here’s what happens when I click on them -

Here is how the G-Code comes out when sent to Easel Pro and an example of how it cut off center (photo of 6x6 pine already has the carved model removed, just reference to show that it cuts off center of the 6x6 stock dimensions even though the model was centered in fusion.) -

Been trying everything I can think of, even went through similar threads here and on other sites and have not found a solution or answer yet, but maybe someone with a bit more knowledge would be kind enough to help me figure this out. This problem is stopping me from being able to do a lot of things with my X Carve Pro. Much appreciated!

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How are you setting your XY zero on your actual stock.
If the circle is the correct size, this is just an issue of how zero is being established on the machine.


I suggest that rather than using a corner, instead use the actual center of the stock, then you can draw 2 diagonals from corner to corner and that is the exact center to set x,y to.


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I am setting my x y zero to the very bottom left corner with bit touching stock, just as the same place marked in my setup in fusion.

This is what I get in Easel after loading in G-Code with the setup having the center selected. Will have to do some tests tomorrow or the day after.

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Anytime you need a job to be centered on stock, you probably should be using the center of the stock as your work origin.

  1. That said, is your stock EXACTLY as you defined it in Fusion? If yes…
  2. When you set your XY zero, are you centering the endmill over the stock corner? If yes…
  3. Is the circle cutting to the programmed dimensions?
    If yes to all three, I don’t believe you. :wink:

:sweat_smile: I Promise that to the best of my ability and knowledge all of those 3 statements are a yes. I will take some pictures tomorrow during each step as I run tests showing this. Really need to get this figured out, maybe I’m just thinking about it wrong and this is something standard that I have to then compensate for when carving. I figured I must be doing something wrong in fusion…

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Can you share your Fusion f3d file here?

Waiting for fusion to email me the converted/exported f3d file now. Will share it here once I have it.

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For future reference, you should be able to just save it to your computer from Fusion.

Yeah was accidentally looking for that under “save as” just noticed the export button.

Here is the file -
Final Coaster v2 for share.f3d (107.4 KB)

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File looks ok. I think that leaves the questions I listed above.

Setting up now and taking photos for those questions. :wink: Thanks for taking a look at the file!


Material cut to same size as stock in Fusion 360 -

Material Squared and Clamped securely -

Accept Easels Notification -

XY zero, endmill over bottom left stock corner -

Immediately starts cutting off center -

Circle cutting to programmed dimensions -

Cut is off center of stock -

This actually worked for this application. My only concern now is if in the future, the stock I use isn’t equal on say the x vs the y dimensions etc if this will continue to work or will create new problems.

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If you zero in the center, it will always work.

That said, in your picture of the endmill zeroed above the corner, it definitely appears as though the endmill is inside the corner. The center of the endmill needs to be centered above the corner.

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Yep, i use it for rectangular flags all the time.
Ive used it to make clocks onto precut rounds as well, although finding center of a round is a little more tricky. But once the center is marked it works perfectly as well… :+1:

And exactly what Neil said as well…
If you do use corner alignemnt the bit needs to be centered direcly above the corner,.
Like the center of the bit directly above the center of the imaginary cross made by the 2 edges.

And here it looks to be a bit back and a bit towards the right.

Will try this out tomorrow when I’m back in the shop. Thank you!

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Really appreciate all the feedback and information, thank you! Will be trying this tomorrow as well.

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I saw that as well. I think that was the original problem.

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