Fusion360 (or other software) Guitar Cord "Letters"

Hey all,

Quick question. I am trying to create something that looks likes letters in a continuous, connected cord. An analogy would be if you took a rope and laid it out so that it spelled something. I have found some fonts that look similar to this, but they don’t really convey the over and under lap that I am aiming for. The best example I have found is here: (my cut and paste isn’t working for some reason!?. Search google for “guitar text string photoshop” and it is the first hit)

Unfortunately, I don’t have Photoshop and Illustrator. I feel I could so something like this in Fusion360 by tracing some text using a spline and then making that spline layout in the 3D space and applying a circular sweep to it. I am close, but for some reason only certain points on the spline allow me to move them along all 3 axes. Anyone have some experience with doing something similar or have a better idea of how to do this?


You could get GIMP (Photoshop alternative) or Inkscape ( Illustrator alternative). Just putting it out there in case you were unaware. Both of these are free to use and are very capable of performing the same duties.

If you want something as powerful but way cheaper than Photoshop, look up affinity designer and photo. Photo is basically illustrator and Photoshop seamlessly in one program. It’s only 50$. Incredible program.

Check out the first choice on this link. It has the over/under lap look.

LOL I was just going to post about this. Affinity is actually more capable than Photoshop, and cost a ton less. Took them 5 years to develop the program and then they won Apples best software design award. I know so many users of PS that have switched over to using Affinity. I bought both the Photo and the Designer versions, and I’ll be getting the iPad version as soon as it’s released… Can’t say enough good things about this software. A link for their demo is here;


Indeed. There are a few things that photoshop still handles a little better, but the gap is closed quite a bit. In many ways I have found it to be more powerful though.

The fact that it seamlessly works with both vector and raster is amazing. My coworker and I (I work in 3d visualization) are constantly saying that adobe needs to combine illustrator and photoshop. When finding this… it was love at first sight.

Adobe has a real threat on their hands… at $50 (no subscription…) you really can’t beat it.

in short… if you want something as powerful and in many ways, more powerful than photoshop… get it. gimp and inkscape are impressive for the price (free) but, you wont go wrong with affinity.

I have those and have a surface level ability with both. I’ll look more into these, but in the interest of time, was hoping to be able to minimize the learning curve with even more software since I suspected that it could be done with Fusion 360.


I actually saw those. The problem is that as the letters space apart, they separate.