Fusion360: Quickly moving between assembly and carving layout?

Hi there,

If I were designing something like a box in fusion 360 meant to eventually be machined out of a single piece of material, is there an efficient way to move between the assembled mock-up and an exploded, cut list style layout where all the bodies/components are on the same plane and positioned for toolpathing?

Not yet, that is something that they have been talking about as a future feature.

What I do is to make copies of all of the components in Fusion360 and lay them out manually on a sheet using joints. You can carry on tweaking the design and the components that are laid out on the sheet will auto update as long as you did a paste and not “paste new”. By using joints on the layout, they will automatically shuffle themselves around so they don’t overlap.

Bit of a pain to setup, but once you have done it, as long as you don’t make major changes, should be fine.

Why don’t you put post an idea to them explaining how you would like it to work better?

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I’d really like to see that too, it’d be AWESOME for doing setups for the laser I’m getting.

Good to know, it definitely seems like a logical feature to release in the future.

That’s a great idea using component copies in the meantime though, and Ill definitely consider hopping on the fusion forums and describing the feature request.


There are ways of speeding up placing a ton of individual components on a plane…

Check out Patricks vid:

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This is great! It’s not quite working for me yet, but I think it’s because of the way I have my bodies and components broken up. Thanks a lot!

Thanks for the link to the script, looks good, will give it a try. I wonder how it will work if you already have joints set between your components?

I have no idea, sorry.

I am a Sketchup user in the process of learning F360. Simply lucked out having stunbled across that video :wink: