Fusion360 sculpt and integrating it to model problem

Ihave searched and cant solve this.

I want to mill a 3d form out of polystyrene and make my own shapes.
I make a box, create a plane with x amount of faces on top of box, and when i click finish form its gone. Just the plain box standing there.
Im spanking fresh to 360.

Images came in wrong order…

try hiding the box, the plane maybe a new object inside the box

Please talk like im a 5 year old :wink:

Draw box, enter Sculpt mode and create Plane, make this plane atleast the same size as your box (to the Sculpt plane cover the box plane)
Then go back to Model mode and Modify -> Replace face.
Select source (box) plane and mesh face as target.
Delete the unwanted part of the mesh
Done :slight_smile:

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Thanks a looooot :smiley:

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Jepp, norsk :slight_smile:

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Sandefjord :slight_smile:
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