Future upgrade nema 17 to nema 23

hi all.
i’m trying to buy an x-carve kit from robosavvy, i’m from italy and the shipping from usa is very expensive. the problem is that robosavvy don’t allow to choose the stepper motors or anything else so my question is if i buy a kit with 17 nema can i upgrade in the future with 3 nema 23 motors. apart the motors what else i need? the power supply coming from the basic kit is sufficient? i need to change something in the grbl shield?
thanks a lot.

The shaft on NEMA 17 motors is smaller than on the 23s. So you’ll need to buy new pulleys. And there are four motors.

ok thanks Joe,
a part the pulley, i’ve to buy anything else? the power supply is enough? and the nema 23s will fit with the motor mounting plate that come from x carve 500x500 kit?
ps my idea is to change only x and y motor, in my opinion nema 17 is enough for the z axis.

Yes, it looks like it all is the same. The mounting brackets are all pre-drilled for both size motors

There are a few Screws and Nuts needed too.
M5 x 10mm X4
M5 x 16mm X12
M5 Flat Washer X12
Nylon Insert Lock Nut M5 X12
M5 x 20mm x4

In case something changes in the future (I doubt it as Nema standards aren’t going to change) here are the instruction links that have a bill of materials at the motor mounting steps.


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