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Fuzzies after a carve?

I use a 60 degree v bit, but I/8 and 1/16 down cut bits from inventables…recommended settings …and still seem to always get some little fuzzies inside the carve edges on my flags. …

Any good things you guys do or use to get those off after without scratching project ?

Are you sanding after the carve?

I use a small brass brush, the brass wont scratch the surface of the wood. Some woods carve better than others. you can always set your depth of cut to full depth and rerun the project as a cleanup pass that will help as well.


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We’ll, I typically use edge glued pine panels because they are nice size , flat, and cheap.

I use good acrylic paint or good stain , and then carve through for the contrast.

After that I don’t do anything , hence my question . Sometimes I get fuzzies along the carve , as to which I try to get off by hand or with small chunks of sand paper on a pencil end.

Down cut bits from inventables on recommended settings.

Any advice at this stage to clean it up easy?

From there I just use a spray can of matte clear.

Accidental beautiful picture of mt Charleston NV there lol