Fuzzy toolpath on signs

I am a new x-carve user and I have been making signs for a couple people here locally. I am using vectric aspire, a .25 spiral downcut for “hogging out” then finishing off with a 1/8 spiral downcut to get into the recesses. The bottom of the pretty rough and Im sanding for an hour or two to get them smooth. I have tried to cut with a double flute straight bit and I got a better finish inside however it likes to chip the little letters. Is there anything that you guys would recommend for this. Also Im running the bits at around 40 ipm with 9 plunge rate. Im only taking around 40% of the bit diameter per pass also. These signs are taking around 7 hours to complete. Is there any recommendations for speeding up this process also?

Josie Sams|690x407Thanks 9-17-17.ssc (290.2 KB)


Sorry everyone. I dont know why some of the other pics came through.

I use a .25 upcut bit. Upcut makes a better finish at the bottom of the bit, down cut tends to tear it up for me. And 7 hours is about correct for that type of sign. Mine wasn’t as large but it took around 4 hrs.