G code cutting above the stock after zeroing

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I am new to Fusion 360 but made a design for a simple cog which generates the proper tool path. I export the G code through the Easel post processor and import it into Easel. The tool path appears centered on the lower, left hand corner, off-set from the origin but otherwise ok. When I play the carve path it looks just fine. Then, I set up and secure my stock and go through the Carve procedures. I zero the start point to be the center of my 3/4" stock and, of course, on the top of the stock with the probe as I would do using a standard X-carve event.

When I start the carve, the tool goes to the proper X-Y position but then goes upwards by the thickness of the stock. It proceeds to carve the cog in the air above the stock.

It seems as if Easel wants me to zero the Z axis on the waste board then it would go to the proper Z depth and start cutting. But there is no way to define Z as being below the stock (at least that I can see).

There were a couple of previous posts where others had this problem but there was never a solution. I would really appreciate any help available.

Thanks much!

Sounds like your have your WCS origin set to the bottom of the stock in Fusion.
Change that in your setup in Fusion to the top.


I am not a Fusion 360 user but i do use Vetrics and with Vetrics you can set the z zero for the top of the material or the bottom of the material. Maybe you had it set for the bottom if that is available in Fusion.


So, in Setup > Work Coordinates System I set the Orientation to “Model orientation” and the Origin to “Stock box point” and selected the top ordinate. The coordinate reference arrows are at the top of the object and I’ll give that a try and let you know if it works.

Thank you very much for your kind reply. I hope to report back with good news!

So, I took your advice and got the coordinate reference moved to the top of the model. I generated the G code and I can tell that that did the trick! Before the Z coordinates were positive decaying to 0 and now they are slightly negative and decrease by the stock thickness.

I wouldn’t have figured that out without your help. Thanks again!

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