G Code Error from Easel?

I was making this gift for my father in law and the cut wndes early! The final cut out shape made about 1/2 of its first pass then the carve stopped. I suspect the coach finished, because the pop-up came up on my screen asking me if everything worked out okay. After looking around some more I noticed there were some other errors in my cut. There were some shelves and some of the letters and in the image, and the letter and had added little knob that’s not there on my design. Any ideas what’s happening here?

few possibilities
Things to research

loss of steps
belt tension

Hope this helps!

Arduino and g shield…

Thanks Phil!

If the calibration was off won’t it be off everywhere?

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When I read calibration I thought calibration the actual depth (travel) compared to the commanded depth (travel), I hadn’t thought to calibrate my pots - I will look into how to do so. Just for clarity, this is new issue - I’ve been using my machine for months with no issue.

Thanks again, I’ll let you know how it goes.

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I’ve cut pine and plywood only, I’ve cut this depth before (and deeper). I have never calibrated my pots - I did watch the recommended video, thank you , it was really good. I will attempt this over the next few days and see what happens.

Would losing steps cause the cut to end early (the last cutout shape only did about 1/2 of it’s first pass) and “add” steps to the letter N, as seen in the pictures above?

I am not trying to dispute your input (I will try to adjust my pots), I just want to be sure I am being clear with the issues I am having.

Thanks again Phil!

10-4 sir, I’ll adjust pots and see how it goes. Thank you very much.

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Pots calibrated, still didn’t work. They needed to be calibrated anyways ( I was running dangerously low on my y axis) - so thank you Phil.

Ran a code I found on inventables website to clear my grbl, that didn’t work.

Re-installed grbl, that didn’t work.

Loosened all eccentrics and belts and re-tightened them, that didn’t work.

THEN, I noticed that one of the set screws on my x axis motor was backed out…

So i tightened it up and VOILA… almost

Notice the bottom left- yeah second to last pass and it went off the pattern. So I looked at the set screw again and it is now missing.

So, I’ll be ordering/finding a new one and putting some locke tight on it.

Thought I should share how I fixed it. Thank you everyone for the help!

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1 thing you might want to do is upgrade those tiny little grub screws to a regular m3x8 cap/phillips head screw, you are able to tighten those a lot more without worry of stripping them. Also if you locktight those tiny little grubs in you might not get them back out possibly stripping out those tiny hex sockets trying to overcome the locktight.

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Thanks for the advice!