G code error from F-engrave

When I do a v-carve calculation in F-Engrave, and export the g-code, the g-code cannot be opened by easel.
it says:

Line 76: G91.1
The file contains invalid G-code syntax.

I am using Easel with a Carvey

Look in the general settings on F-Engrave. There’s some start and end G-Code in there. Delete that.

Also, I set the Arc to none.


Mentioned in a blog post: http://www.scorchworks.com/Blog/using-f-engrave-with-grbl/

  • Use F-Engrave version 1.49 or higher
  • Select the “Disable Variables” check box in the F-Engrave “General Settings” window
  • Un-select the “Enable Arc Fitting” check box in the F-Engrave “General Settings” window
  • Select “Suppress Comments” in the F-Engrave “General Settings” Window