G-code error with V-carve

I use Pic Sender to send the g-code that easel generates. Today it crashed on the v-carve portion with an " error: Invalid gcode ID:24" Has anyone else has similar issues? The roughing pass ran fine and it crashed in the same place twice. It seems this be an error with the gcode that was generated by easel, correct?

As I note, I use Picsender so I can run my Triquetra gcode with the engraving g-code in the same place. Thoughts?

What happens if you try to import the Gcode back into Easel? Does it work?

Picsender has a selection check box so grbl’s built in Check Gcode function can easily be used to check a gcode file for validity before a carve.

Nogeel , did you have the Vector Gcode box checked?

Is that what the Vector G-code box does or is it required for all g-code generate by easel or x-carve?