G code file for taller end plates?

Good evening all,

After making a right balls of two attempted tailed end plates, I was wondering if anyone had any g code files they wouldn’t mind sharing for taller y axis end plates… obviously no worries if not, I know people don’t always like sharing their hard earned CAM files… or if anyone could suggest alternated ways of manufacturing them (i.e. by hand)?



never use someone else g-code. you will never know what you got until it is too late.

here is a project file that I used to make some end plates. I used the extra maker-slide left over from the upgrade to the one piece x-axis. so I have two maker-slides per Y-axis and I always planed on making a brace but they are very strong like this.


brilliant, thank you for this… and some good advice!

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Are these +2?

@JuanDeLaO from my measurements it should be right at 3 inch increase in height.

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also I would modify them now to fit the dust shoe I got from Invetables. I had to remove about 1/4 inch from the side on the one plate to keep the dust boot from hitting it.

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Thank you sir!