G-code help

Hey everyone,

Having a problem.
Down loaded the vectric post processor and when I tried to get the g-code loaded into easel got a message saying

Line 7446: G2x0.2214416.5302I0.1250J0.0000
The file contains invalid g-code syntax

I had to get a new computer, I had it working on the old one.
Any help would be appreciated.

The G2 is an arc command and I believe that the X controllers will not process arc commands. Also, a typical arc command has x y i and j values. I see the X and the J, but it looks like y and i are missing and the numerical values are all run together. I think you may need to change your post processor.

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@SteveMoloney, I was having the same problem loading the GCode into Easel, this is the PP you need for VCarve
Easel_Grbl_Inch.pp (3.4 KB)


Thanks Russell!


For those folks who don’t have an Easel or GRBL PP, I was having an issue with a different program (Cambam) and it turned out that there was a box I could check that said “convert arcs to lines”. One thing this does is make the Gcode output a lot longer than it would be with arc nomenclature. I wish I could compare the final cut results with arcs though because a bunch of lines is rougher looking. Kind of like facets on a gem.

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