G-Code import (from Fusion 360 flipped


I have been trying to use easel to CNCs my projects from fusion 360.

In fusion 360 I set the box point (home) at the lower left (z=top) and everything is fine in fusion 360. I post using the Easel plugin for f360.

When the imported g-code finishes loading…the model comes in but it has home at top right:

Well, did you define the work zero in that location?

You could still carve it using that file by simply jogging back on the Y-Axis and right on the X-Axis far enough such that all of the work would be carved on the area desired, set the work home in Easel, and then just carve away. The machine will be carving in negative X and Y, but it does not care as long as you set Easel’s work zero far enough to the back and right to compensate for the work being in the third quadrant.

Doing that would be no different than the way a lot of people carve circular objects. Find the center of the physical circular work piece, set the work zero to that location, move the object (designed in Easel) to have a (0,0) center position, and carve away.


Brandon Parker

Right-click “Setup” and choose Edit.
Make sure your axes (blue/red/green arrow) is oriented similar to my attached image.

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