G Code Loading Problem

I am trying to learn VCarve Pro and use Sketchup to create 3D content. I am designing a bench and have created a couple of very simple templates for the legs. When I attempt to import the G Code from VCarve into Easel it either doesn’t load or when it does it doesn’t show any tool paths, so a blank board. When I close out Easel it show under my projects that I have created the project with a thumbnail with the part in place. When I open it I get the error message, “I is not a function.” I am completely stuck. I have been able to import very complex gcode tool paths saved from VCarve Pro that I have created from STL files I have purchased. Anyone have any idea why this is happening and any fix to the problem?


Because it is such a simple 2D template I made it in VCarve and am still running into the same problem. Validation never stops and when I close validation out it shows that I have the file available under my projects, but no tool paths when I open it up. :man_shrugging:

Perhaps you need to use a different post processor. GRBL will not support some Gcode. Here’s a list. I use a more or less generic one with UGS. Fanuc is pretty basic.

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If you have designed a 2D template in VCarve, you might simply export it as an .SVG and import that into Easel. Then you can use Easel to create the G-Code.

I find importing G-Code into Easel awkward because you lose preview and other aspects of Easel such as editing and adding additional tool paths to imported G-Code.

I don’t have internet in my basement so I use a G-code sender. Things that I design in Vectric don’t pass through Easel. Things I design in Easel get exported as G-code and run through the sender.

Thank you. That worked well for what I am doing at the moment. I am very new to CNC and all the various terminology and techniques so I’ll have to figure out how to get a different sender after designing in VCarve.

Thank you again!