G-Code 'objects' in Easel

It would be really cool if Easel would allow you to import and manipulate pieces of G-Code as an actual ‘object’ in the editor.

This would allow users to import multiple true-3D elements into a single design. Easel could even have a library of true 3D elements that a user could add to their projects.

It would also open up the possibility for Easel-Apps to create V-Carving paths and other outputs that simply can’t be represented by the 2.5-D interface.

Adding a property designer which allows Easel to scale and rotate the object should not be too difficult - of course, there will have to be rules and safeguards against creating something that “fojacks” the carve. The tricky part would be in having Easel decide where to re-insert the GCode-obejct into the output stream when it generates the G-Code for the standard shapes in the design. I don’t think that there would be a way to do the ‘boolean’ operations such as shape subtraction and intersections with varying depths - but if the G-Code ‘objects’ were rendered after all of the standard shapes, it would allow for a lot added capabilities.

your asking a lot out of those guys who make Easel free.

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Resurrecting this thread because I would very much like simple translations for gcode, like rotation so I can place parts more efficiently on the work pieces.

G Code Ripper by Scorch does something like this.