G-Code really the only way to save a local Easel file?!

I looked a bit but is saving it as a g-code really the only way to save a easel locally on my computer?
Sorry if its a dumb question, I’m new at this, but I did look around a bit before I asked at least. lol
thanks in advance

Oh, so I tried it just to see how it worked.
When I imported an Easel file that had been saved in g-code format it opens without any of the editing options(just however it was when g-code was generated). this sucks!
I’m kinda looking for a way to save the file so that I could send it to my other computer that way i don’t have to edit while sitting next to my machine.

again sorry I’m new but trying to learn.

Are both your computers on the net?

You should just sign into your Easel account on your other computer and then edit it.

I somehow didn’t even think about that. I guess before I even when and got on the other computer I was just trying to find an answer here.
Thanks! still wish there was a saveble Easel file.

No problem, I know I start looking for answer like that too sometimes. What would you need a savable file for?