G Code Return to Workpiece 0?

Is there a code or other way to return to workpiece 0? Like after a roughing cut change bit to finishing bit and have it reposition back to workpiece 0. After which i could jog Z to surface and reset it position.

After you zero your machine by clicking $H on UGS, click Reset X-Reset Y and jog it to work pieces corner, fine adjust and click Reset X-Reset Y again. Jog it to flat surface on work piece than lower your bit to do Z Zero adjustment. Click Reset Z this time. Any time job finishes, your bit goes corner of your work piece and bit rises safety clearance waits for bit change and another Z zero if need it.

That would set my workpiece at 0,0,0 if I’m understanding you correctly. That I am doing before starting program run. Are you saying that UGS will return to workpiece 0,0 after end of run by default? If so that would be great. As far as $H dont you have to have the limit switches for that(which i dont have)?

That’s even more simple. First you have to let machine know where is the machine zero by jogging to lower left corner of the waste board, that is your Machine Zero. After that you can set work Zero on lower left corner of work surface.Machine returns back to Work Zero regardless. (Unless you don’t hit the return zero on UGS.)

Not quite. Without homing the machine, Machine Zero is where the spindle is located when you start UGS. If you jog the machine to where you want the Work Zero to be you will notice in the UGS status window that you are not at Machine Zero when you set your Work Zero.

I haven’t investigated this to see if it makes any difference, but it’s something to keep in mind if you start having flaky problems with your carving.

Yea did a little reading on another forum. Seems that you can move to desired machine 0 location and send G28.1 code to “reset” machine location from startup of UGS. I think lol. If it returns to workpiece 0 after running carving program then thats all i need to swap bits and reset z position. Thanks for responses guys.

I do this way all the time without fail. I don’t like scientific formulas, complex prosedures. I own this equipment 7 months now, never waste work pieces.

Actually, G28.1 sets a reference point and can, as you found out, be used to return to a given location. And in fact, UGS expects it to be that way. If you look at what is generated when you press the “Return to Zero” button in UGS you will see that it issues a G28 command.