G Code Sender, ChiliPeppr? Stuck with Easel!

Easel is great for cutting out letters, great program to get started. I have a 1000 x 1000 with most of the goodies. Easel starts and works just fine but I can’t get any other gcode program to work. I’m getting real good at Fusion360 and might even buy VCarve. I just can’t get nothing but Easel to see this machine. I can’t find any kind of walk through to get anything but Easel to work. I love this machine and will get something else working but sure could use some help. ChiliPeppr would be great because I like the setup, I don’t know about G code sender because all it does is flash a box and it’s gone? I’m running Windows 10 on a laptop that is pretty new and up to date. Easel is up and running and everything works fine, I just want more than Easel can do. I hope this is enough info.
Thanks Mark

It can sure be challenging, no joke. I’m running Windows 10 as well, using UGCS and ChiliPeppr both, so no fear, it’ll work! :smile:

With ChiliPeppr, you need to have the “JSON Server” program running on your computer first, THEN load the CP website. Can you be a tad more specific about what is and is not happening for you? So you have a G-code file, posted for GRBL, now you need to send it, and the senders aren’t working properly? You say they “can’t see the machine”, but Easel can, correct?

UGS needs Java to run. Do you have Java installed?

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I don’t have any code posted yet, just trying to get ChiliPeppr to work. How do I get the JSON Server running first? Do I download something somewhere? Sorry I’m new at this.

I will in a little while lol

Hey, no sweat, I was just a few months back as well. If you go to the ChiliPeppr website, and scroll down the right-hand bar, you will see an area to download the “JSON Server” program. That you will just put somewhere on your computer (it’s a stand-alone, no install required) and just run it before you start up the ChiliPeppr site. I have mine in a “CNC Stuff” folder on my desktop.

My order of operations is: Power on the X-Carve, Start the JSON Server, Open Chrome and a ChiliPeppr tab. After that, it’s just a matter of homing the X-Carve, jogging it to your start point, hitting the “zero out” button to set that as your work zero, drag-and-drop your g-code file into the window, and hit the send button! :slight_smile:

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Thank’s so much, this is the reason I went with the x-carve is for such a killer forum.

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Can you give me some pointers on getting UGCS to work? ChiliPeppr works like a champ as far as I can tell so far!

The only problem I ever had with UGCS was the first time I ran it, I had forgotten to change the baud-rate in the drop-down menu to the highest setting, so it wouldn’t connect to the X-Carve. After that, it’s worked awesome. The GUI isn’t anywhere near as good as CPs, but it does work just fine. You have to use the “machine control” tab to home jog and zero the machine, then there is another tab to load and send files. I am not at my home PC right now, so I don’t recall the exact name, but it’s fairly self-explanatory. :smile: