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Does anyone out there have a working 1000 x 1000 X carve? Could you go into Easel, Advanced settings and copy your G Code settings and paste them here? My new machine, April 2020, won’t do the homing cycle…and I just wanted to check my settings against a working machine.

What doesn’t work?
Default settings can be found here:

Hi there, when I go to Easel and try to home my machine, it will move up the Z axis till it hits the switch, then it will back off the switch and just stop. It never cycles to home the X or Y axis. If I try to run the test Easel Cut by manually setting my system all the way forward to where X and Y = 0 and my bit is touching my material. Then when it starts to “carve” the machine goes to the middle of my waste board. I have the 1000 x 1000 machine.

Open the machine inspector when you home? Are you getting an alarm?
Also, post your grbl settings.

During homing each switch is tapped twice.
Your GRBL value $27 is probably =1 which dont clear the switch entirely and the machine fault out.

Change $27=5 and try again.
Homing sequence is Z first, then X/Y in parallell.

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Hey thanks. Changed my $27=5 and it starts the homing sequence. Starts of course on the Z axis, touches the switch, and backs off. Now when it does the X and Y axis, both of those hit the switch and DO Not back off…Any suggestions on that one…Many Thanks…just trying to get this up and running…Thanks again.


When the X&Y home, do they just keep trying to move?
Do your switches register in the machine inspector?

Maybe the aluminum spacers ( they call them actuators) used for switch bumpers need to move back away from the extrusion little. I had to move one on mine in order to get it to work.


Thank you Martin W Mcclary. Your suggestion worked !!! My switches were hitting the head of the bolt, and their actuators were hitting the frames of my gantry. So I put a little piece of rubber hose over the head of the bolt on both my X and Y axis. The switch hits that now and is able to home. Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!

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Yeah, I had extra spacers here from my Shapeoko2 days and I put a longer one on mine as well as move its position a bit to correct the situation.

I mean it was such a simple fix…Thank you for ending my 2 days worth of Headaches !

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