G-code upside down


I have made toolpaths in Carbide and i’ve downloaded the G-code. When I upload the file in Easel the carve is upside down. Anyone has have this problem? Thank you

The orientation of the g-code is set in the program that generates it. for example, in Fusion 360, you choose the plane and orientation when creating your design. You can’t rotate g-code in Easel so you’ll need to fix in the originating program.

when you upload to Easel the toolpaths are upside down, or the resulting carve is upside down?

Something else to keep in mind is that Carbide Create does NOT use the correct post processor for Easel and as a result the gcode that comes from Carbide Create should NOT be imported into Easel, Instead, if you want to use Carbide Create to do the toolpaths then you will need to use a difference gcode sender like UGS or OpenBuilds Control.

What model CNC are you using?

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