G-code wasteboard placement?

First post here, so if there is already a thread about this, a link would be awesome- I tried search for it, but haven’t had any luck.

So I have had tons of success with the simple stuff in Easel (some examples here: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/custom-wood-cncd-enclosures/2185/22) but wanted to expand my knowledge of CAD and got Fusion360.

Long story short, I’ve designed what I want, and gotten the Gcode files into Easel- my only question is whether the location (see attached picture) will mess it up; the design is depicted to be off of the wasteboard, would troubles me before I try running it in the air to see if it works…

Thanks all for the help!

The starting point for the bit will be the bottom left corner of the wasteboard representation in Easel. As long as you start with your bit at the top left corner of the piece you want to carve, you should be fine.

You can carve this just fine but your origin point is set to be the top left of the material. So, you can’t place the bit at the “normal” bottom left location, you have to place it at the top left.

There’s likely a setting in your CAD software that allows you to chance the origin of the cutter. Just make sure that’s set to bottom left next time and it will clear this up.

oops. lol I mixed up left and right. Not sure why I was saying bottom right and top right.

appreciate the help guys!