G shield probs

Crap. I went to move my Xcarve and the g shield slipped and these 3 white cords ripped out of the quick detach plug. Anyone know what I’m to do here? Do I need to get a whole new cord/connector

You should be able to use a needle tip or small flat blade screwdriver to pop the pins out and crimp or solder them back in. My unit came with about 7 extra pins, I would use those if you have extras.

If I recall correctly their for he limit switches so it should affect the integrity of my machine since I don’t use them anyways…but I just want to confirm

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Correct, they are for the “limit” switches which are actually homing switches. Don’t make the mistake and smash your Z switch while testing the limit like I did!

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If I don’t use the limit switches do I need to re wire them? Thank you Angus!

If you don’t auto zero your machine then I wouldn’t worry about them. I have no Z homing switch for now but my work piece is never at the same spot so it hasn’t been an issue.

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That’s what i had thought, but i just wanted to confirm. I appreciate the response.

I think you can get a new connector and pre crimped wires from Polou.com