G-Wizard set up for 300W 24V Spindle

Im giving GWizard trial run and looking for a few specs to set-up my machine profile.

Does anyone know any of the following? It would be greatly appreciated.

Spindle RPM MAX:
Spindle RPM MIN:
Spindle HP:
SPindle 0-max rpm time in seconds:
Spindle adjustment % :

I like the Wizard Editor and have mine set for a generic CNC router and it spits out good g code hat I send with UGCS.
I set the rpms at 10000 and 1.5 hp. But I am using a DeWalt 611, it has a bit more oomph.
Does that help?

That helps a little bit, I just wanted to use it to get the right cutting speeds for the models i made in Fusion 360. Making some prototypes out of maple right now but will be using aluminum and other hard woods after that. I guess I’ll just have to tinker for a bit. Thank you!

In my experience start with light cuts and slower feeds, it is easy to ramp up but this way you will waste less material.
Wood likes higher spindle speeds, .04 to .06 deep cuts with about 25 inches per. That will prevent skipped steps.

Cutting aluminum I would cut that in half. Assuming an X-Carve machine.
I am not new to CNC machining but I used much bigger machines that could handle big cuts at high speeds with coolant.
Hope that helps a bit more.

Perfect, I’l do that and let you know how it goes once i get UGS to work again. Thank you.