G28 z0 first plunges down

Hey Folks
i may have a stupid question about g28/g30 commands.
When i type in g28/30 z0 in the machine inspector in easle, the z achsis first plunges down befor it raises to the parking position. i wold expect it gos straight to the z0 value stored in the parking commands, as when i only type in g28/30 it goes straight to the saved position. For safety reasons i want to raise the bit first befor i go to the final location, to prevent crashing into clamps or the work peace. Thats why i wanted to send them first to z0, but now im afraid when it first plunges down i may hit something.

Do i have a general missnderstanding of the g28/30 z0 command?

Thanks in advance


A little one. G28 Z0 will go to G28’s Z position through Z0, assuming you’re in absolute mode (G90). That means it will go to your work Z zero before heading to your G28 Z position.
You could use relative positioning. G91 G28 X0Y0Z10 will move up 10mm in Z, then move XY&Z to G28. Be careful bouncing around from G90 to G91, though.

Ah thanks so this was my misunderstanding of the g28 command in conjunction with z0 I thought it was meant z0 of what I stored in g28. Thanks for the clarification.

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