Gaga for gears

Hi @MoStych
I just watched your Gaga for gears easel live. BTW I think what you and the crew are doing is just great, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. i wanted to ask In that example instead of masking out the axles, when you create them in the app if you select 0 for the axle dia. no axles will be created ( for any gear situation where you don’t need the axles ) Now I haven’t cut this out on the machine yet but according to the 3D image it looks like it acomplishes the same thing just a little easier.

Once again I love the Easel Live series

Thanks Jules


Here’s the link if others are interested

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I just watched that yesterday. Great stuff.


Great suggestion, @JulesMarcu! Thanks for sharing that with us. It does accomplish the same thing, so it would work for the spiral drawing toy project.

Thanks again for sharing!

I posted this before but since gears are surfacing again here you go.