Game of Thrones Aztec calendar

So I decided after seeing the Star Wars one I figured I’d try my hand at making a game of thrones one. These are my initial steps. As I complete it I’ll keep upgrading it. I think I’m going to move King Joffrey and put a silhouette of hodor. Any tips would be great. I also need a very good vector of the iron throne. I’ve tried Inkscape and can’t seem to get a great one.


Would any of these work?

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what even is “Game of thrones” I guess I am out of the loop on that one

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Thank you Zach but yes I try that also I was getting more shadow spots if anything and also I tried from pictures to

@WorkinWoods it’s a fantastic medieval show where everyone basically dies lol

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oh well that wholesome lol

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It’s on HBO



Here’s episode 1

NOPE NOPE you are not going to get me started on another show first it was Big Bang Theory and now its Superstore dont have time for another lol

It’s way better than those shows. Those are good but this is like on the level of a breaking bad type.

I don’t know about that. You ever seen demons being birthed on BB?

True. Just the devils in their bloodstreams (I know it’s a stretch)

I think this is shaping up nicely. I’m putting the dragons somewhere else, but what does everyone think of the direction this is heading. Also any advice? I don’t know now if you’d call this a “true Aztec” calendar

You should fit this scene in somewhere…



I like the idea. I actually thought about doing something like this back in may when the star wars one became popular. I didn’t have the patience though. In my opinion the throne should be in the center since the show is about it. Just my 2 cents.


Usually that is caused by a loop or twist in the vector and it is crossing itself…check them and edit the nodes.

After having sex first, and some of them seem to die more than once.

Can I ask who this is and where I can find videos? When I Google the name, all I get is the lead singer of Paul Revere and the Raiders.

I’m trying to figure out the technique to design these in Vcarve…not having much luck :confused:

This is what I was referring to. Thanks