Gantry lift plates

Well that is an interesting design. I like it.

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Phil you have taken my idea to the next level! :thumbsup: I like how it utilizes the holes in the original plate and also nests in along the back edge.

In viewing this wonder, I just had a thought on the concept of raising the gantry this way, would this cause any issue with the drag chain? ie; it not being long enough when the carriage travels all the way to the right?

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With the travel on the existing set up as it is my bits can barely get to the waste board without the z axis almost rolling off the maker slide. Is that a factor or are you planning on spindle extensions to get past that?

I keep looking for the “Like” button. Suddenly i realized, I need to stop hanging out with my daughters so much :confounded:


Maybe it should be the :“love” button. Uhhhh, maybe not. That’s just wrong…

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Haha found it! It’s the FB for men.


very good idea !
easy way to gain some height !

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Any reason you chose that thickness? 6061-t6? Did you mill it on your xcarve?

1 piece X-Axis?.. when?

If they do, I hope they don’t exclude people for 1800mm.

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I like this design a lot. I was about to build new taller plates but this might let me get away for a bit longer.

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Any reason you lowered it?

awsome ! :heart_eyes:

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I dont see why you couldn’t use a DC, unless you are sending what you pick up to a place that it would be an issue, ie ; farm bedding etc. If you empty the catch bag and have enough aluminum afterward it could be recycled I guess…

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I have done it and I had no issues, just keep in mind aluminum dust and wood dust mix were first components of jet fuel back in days lol


yup !
i was about to say it xD

@PhilJohnson : did you try to make your gandty lift plates in wood first ? and did you try it ?
i’m not curently ready to cut alluminium, but i was thinking about make them in hard wood and thicker just to gain some inch… good or bad idea ?
(i’m wondering about chatter and flex…)

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whoa !! many thanks !
the idea of acylic is realy good !!!

i will try first in wood to “check” how it look like
next i will shop acylic and learn how to cuting it xD

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Why not cut taller Y-axis endplates?

@PhilJohnson What was the total height increase this ended up adding to the Y axis?

I was contemplating the cut of both thicker and higher End Plates, would that be less sturdy?