Gantry not available to purchase

Why is the X axis square extruded gantry unavailable to purchase from Inv?

are you talking about this

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No, the square makerslide that this moves across.

Try this:

I have a new one if you can not find one.

then this?

or this?

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The wide one. I wonder why it’s not shown on their site in the machine components/extrusions category instead of the upgrade page.

when I bought mine you could only get the one size. it took two makerslide on the X axis which had the gap.

this was part of the newest version and was part of the upgrade (Side Board-X Controller-etc) so to all of us that bought in the beginning it makes sense to be in the upgrade category as everyone with the newer style was sent one with their order.

I want to replace both my Y axis rails with these.

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