Gary's Projects

Just wanted to share some of my projects.

All of this may be repetitive for experienced users. Hopefully some of the many newbies will get something out of this.

This 5x5x8 box uses the Box Maker App. I planned the box for 3/8 thick wood. I planed down a dozen cedar fence pickets since I plan to make a bunch of boxes this size. One 6 ft picket will make 1 box with about 12 to 18 inches left over. My boards planed down to .450 inch thick, I added .005 to be sure. The app automatically adjusted the slots to fit. At least I think that is what happened.

Each side of the box was cut as a separate work piece. I cut 2 6x6 pieces and 4 6x10 pieces. I put a block on the waste board to act as a location for the work piece so the ZERO would be the same for each piece.

As each piece was finished I removed it and loaded the next piece. The ZERO always remained in the lower left corner of each work piece I did the lid last because I wanted to engrave a logo on it. These photos are the unfinished box fresh from the machine.



Nice job. What size bit did you use?

I should have mentioned it. It was a 1/8" up cut bit and I let it do the dog bones. Perhaps with a 1/16 bit it would have fitted up tighter. I am very satisfied. I plan to sand it quite well while the next one is cut. I will use the sawdust and wood glue to make a filler for the gaps.


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Thanks for the fast reply. Might give one a bash the weekend. A friend was asking for a box for her dogs ashes.
Cheers gary

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That’s some thick wood!

A local surplus store sells damaged building materials. They have nice cabinet drawer fronts for 50 cents each. I got a batch and made some signs that I call bumper stickers.