Gboard z axes won´t work

So I swapped the x and z cables on the arduino end, and the mottor responds well, once swapped, however the Z part of the board seems to be teh problem, you can see the videos, should I get another gboard?

I only see one video, with the Z attached to the X portion of the board. How did you make the swap? Did you just take the X wires and connect them to the Z motor, or did you unplug the Z wires from the Z portion of the board and plug them into the X portion of the board?

Be sure to check the wires and connectors before assuming it’s the board. It’s easy to bend a pin or dislodge a wire.

Edited to add: oh, you explicitly stated that you swapped it at the arduino end. Hrm. That does sound like that part of the board isn’t working. Can you see any damage?